Travel Info


The closest airport to Chapel Hill and the Friday Center is Raleigh/Durham International airport (RDU). The airport is located about 15 minutes away from Chapel Hill, so you will need to arrange for transportation from the airport to the conference center or to your hotel. Please contact the hotel directly to inquire about transportation to/from Raleigh Durham airport (RDU)

Public transport

Chapel Hill has a free public transit system of buses. Please see Chapel Hill Transit's Routes and Schedules for routes, schedules, and more information about public transportation.

Visa Information

B-1, B2, WB, WT Occasional International Visitor

International visitors are often invited by UNC departments to participate in academic activities for brief visits. Such international visitors sometimes travel to the United States in either a B-1 (Visitor for Business) or B-2 (Visitor for Tourism) classification.

Nationals of certain countries are waived by the US Department of State from obtaining a B-1 or B-2 Visitor Visa to enter the United States for short visits. Nationals from 27 countries can enter the US with a valid passport and obtain WB (Visa Waiver for business) or WT (Visa Waiver for Tourism) status at a US port of entry. (Please see the U.S. State Department's website on the Visa Waiver Program at: ).

The host department is strongly advised to send a formal letter of invitation to the international visitor outlining the terms of the academic activities to assist the international visitor with his/her application for a non-immigrant visa at a US Embassy or Consulate.

If you need an invitation letter for a visa, please email to request one. Please include your mailing address as you would like it to appear on the letter.


If you come to the Friday Conference Center by car you need a parking pass: Passes must be printed and displayed on the car’s dashboard any time you park in the Friday Conference Center parking lot, or else the car will be towed. The link also includes directions to the visitor’s parking areas.